Antonin Bonnet


Chef/Owner of Michelin-starred restaurant, Quinsou, in Paris

Quinsou has been on the Paris food scene since the end of 2016, but chef/owner Antonin Bonnet is not exactly a new kid in town and has already made a name for himself during his years (2012-2015) as head chef at Le Sergent Recruteur in Paris’ 4th arrondissement (then 1 Michelin star, awarded within 5 months after opening). Before relocating to Paris in 2012, Antonin Bonnet was head chef at The Greenhouse in London.

Since 2003, eating Korean food has become part of his daily routine. Being married to a Korean woman whose hometown is Jeju Island, one of the regions in Korea known for its abundant varieties of seafood, he has developed his own understanding of extensive range of Korean food through his annual trips to the country for over a decade.