Diana Briscoe - The Food Healing Concept


Creating healthy food for the mind to further enrich our lives

Chef Diana Hernandez Briscoe, born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, grew up surrounded by a nutritious and beautiful environment. Chef Hernandez Briscoe’s family was a farm, butcher, and restaurant-oriented. She studied industrial engineering in her hometown, then went on to travel. She lived in Mexico and Canada discovering new cultures and tasting new foods. Once she came to Los Angeles, California, her passion bloomed immensely.

Chef Diana graduated from Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell Univerity, Culinary Arts, and Dietary Wellness Certificated. She has now been working as a professional chef for 18 years, while continuously being mentored by amazingly talented chefs throughout California.

Using her knowledge and experience, Chef Diana wants to help her clients expand their knowledge on the harmful and nutritious ingredients in their daily diet by creating balanced meals designed to help specific needs.