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Turkish Pizza with 2 types of Fillings

PIDE (pronounced “Pea-day”), is one of the most popular, traditional foods of Turkey. 

Think pizza, but with a softer, airier dough, and classic Middle Eastern ingredients. Pinched together at two ends, the boat-shaped crust is baked with a meat filling lightly seasoned with fresh herbs true to the bright, flavorful, characteristics of Middle Eastern cuisine. Making pide is easier than you think, with its crisp, light base and delicious filling, pide is sure to quickly become a favorite!

OPTIONAL FUN FACT: Before modern convenience, in rural settings pide filling was prepared at home and then brought to the nearest town to be baked onto flatbreads at the local bakery, in woodfired stone ovens.

TIME: 2 hr 18 min
SERVING: 2 People
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